Grandma Mrs. Clem

Written by: Mary Link

We often made trips to Iowa
our relatives to see.
There was this little lady there
as sweet as she could be.

Her real name was Violet
but we called her Mrs. Clem.
She was a special lady
yes, she really was a gem!

Her voice was very soft spoken
and her smile was big and sweet.
A gentle and kind lady
the kind you’d love to meet.

Every time we’d go there
she would always cook up a storm.
We told her not to fuss
but for her this was the norm.

She was an older lady
in her eighty’s I recall.
Man could that gal bake
she made the best buns of all!

That’s one thing I remember
when we would go down there.
This sweet little old lady
with her apron and gray hair.

Buns made from scratch
by her loving hands so dear.
While baking in the oven
a delightful aroma did appear.

We couldn’t wait to sample
those fresh baked buns so fine.
Raised and browned to perfection
and a lasting memory of mine.

We’d sit around and visit
after the nice meal was done.
We’d talk about everything
yes, everything under the sun.

Mrs. Clem was also a grandma,
the kind you’d love to have.
So, if you have one like her
you really should be glad!

Now she’s no longer with us
as the angles took her away.
I know she’s up in heaven
and I hope to join her one fine day.

Now that she’s passed away
there are no more buns so fine.
So they gave her pans to me,
now the legends become mine!

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