Just Another Day

Written by: Karen Taylor

Sleeping soundly, snuggled in tight,

The alarm clock wakes me at morning light.

The snooze gives me just nine minutes more,

Time to come to before my feet hit the floor.

Stumble to the bathroom

For a shower and shave,

Then to the kitchen

For the strong, black coffee I crave.

Waking the kids is a task I adore,

Wash, dress and feed them, then head out the door.

Out in the traffic with all of the freaks,

My vacation is coming in just a few weeks.

Drop the kids at daycare… what they charge is a crime!

Hop back in the car and try to be to work on time.

Eight hours go by with very few issues.

I must remember to buy milk, bread ad tissues.

Punch the clock and out the door I dash

Stop at the store; do I have enough cash?!

At the daycare by four and feeling smug,

The kids welcome me with a great big hug.

Home again now, no time to slow down.

I really could use a night on the town.

An evening full of household chores and mowing the lawn

Sleep beckons me… I’ve been up since dawn.

With a kiss and a hug the kids go to bed.

My big, fluffy pillow welcomes my head.

I thank God before I drift away

Because tomorrow is just another day.

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