Three Sheets to the Wind

Written by: Karen Taylor

Once again it’s Hayride – Hoopla time.

In honor of the occasion here is a little rhyme.

The theme this year is Toga Party, as you all know.

I’d like to share a few words before we go.

The party is on no matter the weather.

I’m glad to see you all have your sheets together.

Today we gather in these odd duds,

welcomed by Rachel, Ginny and Puds.

We’ll take a ride and spread some cheer

in a “chariot” pulled by Tom’s John Deere.

Tall or short, large or small,

Togas are truly one size fits all.

What you are wearing need not be explained,

King size, queen size, full, twin or stained.

Your toga may be belted, tied, sewn or pinned,

At the end of the day we will all be three sheets to the wind

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