Update From the Staff (The 2 of Us)…

Our next children’s book, “I Know What You Did Last Recess,” is so close to being live on Amazon I can almost see it…

You have to send it in for review when you submit for publishing. It’s been kicked back a couple of times now, but we’re hoping this time is the last. We will post a link and let you all know as soon as it’s out.

In the back of all of our books, we like to put in a couple of blank pages that the kids can personalize and write on. In this next book, we have blank pages for a poem or short story that they can submit, with the help of a parent or guardian, to our email, readmebooksfeelings@gmail.com, if they would like.

Eventually, I’d like to have a K-6th grade page as well as a 7-12th grade page to provide the schools an easier avenue to send in writing from their students.

Also, if any of you would like to submit a story or poem, just remember: 1600 words or less (we can work around that number a little, too). We’re looking for Holiday stories, for sure, but will accept various themes. I, too, am working on a couple, as well.

Happy writing and reading! And be sure to watch for further updates.

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