A Special Treat

Written by: Mary Link

This story’s about my grandson
who’s a special little boy.
For his age he’s very smart
and sometimes a little coy.

Now when it comes to treats
GUM is his favorite thing.
And when they go for a ride
some gum his mom would bring.

She always has it in her purse
and it’s very handy there.
Sometimes it can be too handy
for this boy who has brown hair.

This little boy’s named Jeffrey
and gum his favorite treat.
Sometimes it’s so darn tempting
that temptation’s hard to beat!

Now gum is a special reward
whenever he does things well.
And here’s the little story
that his mom just had to tell.

Once while riding in the car
this little guy got bored.
He got ahold of mother’s purse
and found what he adored.

The temptation it was great
as he knew what was inside.
This chance he had to take
and the rules he couldn’t abide.

Oh my gosh! There it was
and the aroma made it worse.
He just had to have a piece,
since he opened up her purse!

Now his back was turned
so his mom she couldn’t see.
Then he became so busy,
Yes, he was a busy little bee.

Soon he started to chew it
and thought he had it made.
But then his mom found out
and consequences were to be paid!

The consequences weren’t that bad
because what’s a boy to do?
With loving gum that much
wouldn’t you do it too?

She gave him a little scolding
and told him not to open her purse.
It wasn’t anything that terrible,
oh, it could have been much worse!

His mom said; “Now Jeffrey,
on my purse there is a ban.”
He gave it a little thought
and said; “Mom, I don’t think I can!”

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