Sometimes You Need a Story

By Rev. Jim Riley

Sometimes you need a story

to take you to a place you haven’t been before.

It could be a place in somebody’s tragic past

where somebody was killed and somebody else was left behind.

You need it to see that your own life is good,

and your surroundings are familiar and comfortable.

or you might need to share a little time with people in love, meeting

a challenge they have to take on together.

Maybe you need a place that is beautiful – or grand!

Hide your head in a book.

A good story can give you that.

Maybe you need a story to take you to a good place

If your life isn’t so great.

You could see oceans or mountains, rivers, lakes, some green rolling place

or a city present or past.

Sometimes you need a story to get your head going some other direction. 

When you start reading, will the story take you where you want to go?

Will the story end in disaster or leave you with unresolved questions?

Will the story help you think about your own life in a new way?

Sometimes you need to tell a story.

It could be about you.

It could be about somebody else.

You can hope somebody wants to hear it.

Sometimes you need to live your story

Bring shape to your life—take on a challenge—maybe an adventure

Or sometimes you just need to bring food to the table and have a place to sleep.

Your garden or a green lawn is a good place to contemplate life.

  Your work helps sustain someone’s dream.

Sometimes, that is story enough.

Let your story bring you home.

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