Photo by Min An
Do you recall when ATTRACTION seemed enough.
A pretty face, a smile, and all that stuff.
The way she followed and met your glance.
How she smiled when you both would dance.
But now you are older and things have changed.
Loves an old story of two people estranged.
Your whims make her crazy and you can not understand,
why the solution is more complicated than just holding her hand.
You can no longer talk and no one will listen.
You know it is over as the tear drops glisten.
Chance is odd and chance is subtle,
it sneaks up on you and strips off the rubble.
You like to think with age comes reason.
It makes you cautious with each new horizon.
To you ATTRACTION is just a perk,
not the catalyst that ignites the spark.
You have your faith and you have your pride,
along with guilt they are at your side.
Opportunity sits before you, with arms open wide.
Still you walk alone with guilt as your guide.
Something happened between here and there.
You don't trust yourself to even know you care.
Being open to ATTRACTION is a scary thing.
Your hand still burns from a promise of a ring.
You are learning lessons that I have already had.
Your past makes you human, not necessarily bad.
We control what we can and fear what we can't.
We make life happen and we try to plan.
Are you really so sure it is up to you?
"It's my life!" are the words of a fool.
ATTRACTION has given you all the tools you need.
It has a life of its own, and it plants the seed.
It draws you in and pulls you close,
it lets you know, you have already chose.
If you like her at all it's really not showing,
I think you are cold and a little all knowing.
ATTRACTION sees you and laughs a bit,
the guy that believes he has control over it.
Just remember but do not dwell on these lines,
when you look back and see you are alone all the time.
I'll wait around for a little while.
A pretty face, a dance, and yes, even a smile.

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