Indie Author Spotlight

Indie Author Spotlight

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I know that a lot of our viewers are avid readers. I thought it would be great to spotlight some self published Authors. We’re going to post links to their books and you’ll get to see an excerpt. Links are posted where you can purchase their work. Comments will be left on or off at the request of the Author. If you do like it… Make sure to go and leave a review on the sites you purchase their work from. REVIEWS ARE IMPORTANT FOR BOOK SALES!!!! It places our books where others can see them. This is our way of reaching out and trying to help Indie Authors. No one from , Read Me Books, or anyone connected with these two sites profit from these book sales. We do not sell the material. We are only providing links. Writers supporting writers! If you are an interested Author please contact us at

Tenkara Smart

Author of She Named Me Wolf, Book One: The Many Lives of Wolf.

In her book series, The Many Lives of Wolf, Tenkara pulls on her belief that we are all spiritual beings living a physical experience, learning all we can to reach new levels of enlightenment.

Tenkara Smart graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor in English Literature, minor in Creative Writing, as well as Diploma in Graphic Design from The Art Institute.   Her education landed her a role unrelated to writing (as often happens) and into senior leadership for a US based running store. Tenkara later moved with the love-of-her-life Aussie husband to Qatar and then to her current home, Melbourne, Australia.  Tenkara and her husband love to eat, drink, and travel, as well as kayak, tennis, squash, and hiking.

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