A Day in the Life with 5

Mom Life with ADHD

I frequently find myself going through parenting articles and blogs, trying to figure out how to do all these things that contribute to your kids eventually becoming responsible, routine keeping adults. There is SO MUCH great advice out there, but it gets overwhelming. Not the amount of advice, that’s not overwhelming. It’s the actual advice…

Christmas Tree Gravel

Yeah. It’s exactly how it sounds. Our Christmas tree has gravel in it. Those tiny pebbles that you can get at any store to decorate maybe your fish tank or a nice clear vase. They are in our Christmas tree… And it’s seemingly endless. I’m pretty positive that, if I shook this tree every day,…

About Me

Hi, I’m Kasey. I do the editing for this blog as well as for the FEELINGS book series. More importantly, though, I produced five wonderfully chaotic children to fill my days and home with sticky floors and laughter. Having ADHD myself, what could possibly go wrong…

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