Spanger Things with Mike Paton

Mike Paton Close your eyes. Imagine a train.  Which childhood image do you see? Musicals where fancy 1800’s travelers are saying goodbye on platform steps. Beautiful ladies with parasols wave to their beaus as the steam engine pulls out of the station.  Maybe you imagine a midnight boarding of two lovers dressed in enemy uniforms … Continue reading Spanger Things with Mike Paton

Perception – COVID-19 Are You Scared Or What!?!?

Some days I am terrified. Other days I'm indifferent. There are even days I wake up and don’t think about it until it’s brought up. Because of the nature of one of my jobs, I may be asked to expose myself willingly to COVID-19 knowing full well that where I'm going, the people are positive. In … Continue reading Perception – COVID-19 Are You Scared Or What!?!?