IDK the Author Interview

  • Episode 8: Tenkara Smart
    Author of the book series She Named Me Wolf Kasey: I want to start with a big THANK YOU for that amazing excerpt from book one of your The Many Lives of Wolf series! Great choice, by the way. It completely pulled me in, and now I HAVE to read the rest!  Tenkara Smart:  Thank … Continue reading Episode 8: Tenkara Smart
  • Episode 7: Bobbi Brandt & Kasey Rodriguez
    “…these books really came together because we all come together as a family in the summer. We spend Weeks together in a very small house during the hottest months of the year. The kids go on a technology diet while they’re here so feelings can be difficult to navigate as they decompress and live offline.”
  • Episode 6: Trana Mathews (Diane Hildebrandt)
    Though I’m creative, with many things I’m more of a modifier than making something new. For example, I could never come up with a new crochet pattern, but I can change an existing one into something better.
  • Episode 5: Karen Janowsky
    Author of Persistence of Memory: Book IV W.I.S.E Men (Four book series). Bobbi: I love the Poem you submitted to our Blog. Thank you for that. Things For Sale is a very evocative piece. Is this a real experience you had? Walking in the woods and stumbled upon this old building? Karen: Actually, it is! … Continue reading Episode 5: Karen Janowsky
  • Episode 4: James Huck
    I wanted them to seem human, inconsistent and frail, with successes and failures instead of superheroes or stereotypes that know what to do and always save the day.
  • Episode 3: Damien Hanson & Nolan Locke
    He’s the reason I finally published. If he could bend the rules of reality to his will, maybe I could do the same? And he never let me stop– back at home with us, slowly getting back into shape and relearning some lost information, he was proud to call me a writer. And with a gleam in my eye, I was proud to prove him right.
  • Episode 2: Michele Ceron
    In this episode we interview Michele Ceron, Author of the Cape Heights Series.
  • Episode 1: Brian Kinney & Billie Jo Gillispie
    This is our first official IDK The Author interview. Today we have Brian Kinney and Billie Jo Gillispie, two members of the Colorado stand-up comedy community and contributors in the comedic anthology “Comedians Are People Too! (and other lies).”

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